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February 16 2017


How To Make The Company Brand Stand Out At The Next Trade Show

At every major trade show which is held during the course of the year, the objective is always to make the company brand truly stand out. This is not an easy thing to accomplish considering the sheer size of the exhibition space and the number of exhibitors all vying to catch the attention of attendees to the show. And every one of them has erected their own exhibition display with eye-catching design and graphics. So the challenge becomes that of presenting the display that will make an impression in the space of a few seconds.

To meet this challenge, professional Exhibition Stand Designers combine a number of disciplines into a single effort. This includes not only graphic design but physical set design, decoration, and carpentry to create just the right effect upon trade show guests. These people will be circulating through a very large space sectioned much like a small city. For the most part, they will pass by most of the displays until they find the ones they're looking for. In such an environment, a basic display will be lost in the blink of an eye, literally. This practically forces the issue of having an extensive display stand designed, constructed and erected to attract potential customers.


Devising Creative Ideas For Exhibition Stands is the purview of the professional design team. From taking an initial brief from the clients as to what they hope to achieve, they immediately set to work on preliminary concepts. The resulting thumbnail drawings are the result of taking all the desired criteria into account as well as the patterns of winning designs for Exhibition Stands which have garnered the most success in trade show display. The crafting of the final design will take into account all physical factors including reserved space, the floor volume within that space, and available lighting. The object of the display dictates its final form: will it be used to promote the company brand in general or to roll out a specific product. If the latter, the physical structure and graphical elements will be combined to exhibit that product to maximum advantage. Once the client approves the design concept, the rest of the team can begin the work of transforming that concept into a fully three-dimensional physical reality.

Beyond the needs of the scheduled show, options as to future usages of the display module are presented to the clients. After all, display stands can be reused in much the same way as the sets for theatrical stage productions or television shows. A little redressing is all that is required to transform an existing display into a seemingly different exhibit. And the cost advantages of maintaining a display set which can be broken down and stored for future shows are apparent. For this and more information on how a professional exhibition design team can aid corporate clients, follow this web link. View our design portfolio and decide for yourself if our team can help you.

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